Sun Kaschmir-Textilien GmbH is a trader of high-quality natural fibers located in Germany.

Our line of goods mainly consists of Cashmere, Yak and Camel.

Thanks to close contact with our trusted suppliers in Mongolia and China, we can offer you many fine fibers and wool types.

We are happy to assist you in the global trade with natural fibers.


Besiders Cashmere our range of products includes Yak, Camel and Mohair. We offer our precious fibers dehaired and tops in various length and micron.

Cashmere • Yak • Camel • Mohair


We are exclusive distribution partner of Hebei Jiaxing Cashmere Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing is a professional processor of animal fibers located in Qinghe, China. Jiaxings goal is to provide special and sustainable animal fibers. Thanks to modern machinery and testing facilities Jiaxing is able to provide animal fibers with excellent quality for its many international clients.



Sun Kaschmir-Textilien GmbH
In den Borngärten 21
61130 Nidderau

Mail: info@sun-cashmere.com

In den Borngärten 21

D-61130 Nidderau

Mail: info@sun-cashmere.com

UST-ID: DE 303 324 557

Amtsgericht Hanau HRB 99081

Geschäftsführer: Meilu Sun